What did you see on your run AND your walk today? #386 comes from Brussels & Mechelen

My Belgian cyber-friend Myriam has shared with us before the super concept of urban runs, where – literally – you run through your city – through offices, galleries, and places you might not otherwise be allowed.

It all sounds so much fun, and is such an innovative way of allowing citizens access to their city…pause for a quick sigh when I realise this would never, ever, EVER happen here in Delhi (where I live)…but back to Brussels…

Myriam, who knows I’m injured and not running, sweetly starts her guest post very tactfully:

“I would not want to disturb you with things like : how fun it is to run or it’s such a joy to run.”

Thanks, my friend 🙂

She then shares with us details of an urban walk through monuments and museums in Brussels, as well as an urban run she did in the city of Mechelen, making this a double-run guest post 🙂

“So, last weekend my husband and me participated in a walk through our capital Brussels. It’s nearly the same organisation as the urban runs. Just a different sponsor.

You start in waves and walk along the different sites.

Most of the time, you walk through museums or churches and places where you normally may not come.

It’s an interesting walk. Always.

We have already walked through Brugge, Gent and now Brussels. On vacation, you visit cities and places in strange countries. And most of the time you know these cities better than your own.

This is a perfect way to explore your country. And you’re walking (or running) and supporting a good cause like muco or diabetes.”

“And this weekend I did the same in Mechelen, but this time it was running.

Urban trail running.

Mechelen is a city between Antwerp & Brussels. It was cold but no rain.

And again the organisation was top!

The good cause in Mechelen was Plan International Belgium, and the motto was “unlock the power of girls”, so that girls in the whole world have the opportunity to learn, to lead, to decide for themselves. 

The next runs are ” in nature”, I hope ;-). Urban Trails are fun, I like doing it. And it’s educational. But nature… stays my favourite.

I know there’s one in February.”

Thanks so much, Myriam, for sharing yet more fun running adventures 🙂

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