The road to recovery starts right here

I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.
Don’t lose your confidence if you slip, be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up, dust off, start over again.

So here’s the thing.

Last weekend, I tore the meniscus in my left knee, and after a week of doctors, and one very gloomy prognosis, and then a not-quite-so-gloomy prognosis, I am knuckling down to the serious work of recovery.

After a week of feeling mighty sorry for myself, I am, in the words of Mr. Sinatra, picking myself up, dusting myself off, and starting over again.

First of all, I cleared my running calendar of all events for December and January – boo hoo, no Mumbai Marathon in January, one of my MOST favourite events ever 🙁

But there is simply no point in rushing recovery.

I’ve already had arthroscopies on my knee (yeah, plural. 2 arthroscopies thus far).

I am no longer as young as I was, and able to bounce back quickly from injury.

The thought of not being able to run in the future is a horrid one.

So sensible, slow recovery is the name of the game.

Running and climbing are WAY too important to me, and so I’m gonna be oh-so-sensible, my friends.

Oh. So. Sensible.

I’ll probably start physio next week and once I’m cleared by the physio will start going to a gym, which, as things currently stand, is my idea of hell on earth.

But needs must.

And so, as we head towards 2020, you’re about to witness a new me 😛

Gym rat 😛

I’ll share with you some of the details of this road to recovery. Not everything, worry not! No point boring you all witless.

But over the coming weeks, I’ll share a modicum of updates, because, let’s face it, injury is all too often part & parcel of sports.

Today, I worked on my arms, telling myself as I did that I was also tackling my horrid bingo-wings!!

The road to recovery begins right here and now.

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