How lovely

My running friend, the lovely young Shikha Dadwal has just celebrated an anniversary.

No, not her wedding anniversary, but her running anniversary.

She has written a wonderful tribute to running, a vital part of our lives, and yet one that sometimes we love to hate 😛

“August is special.

It was August in 2014 that one fortunate morning, I decided to go out and run.

Been 5 years, as surprising it may seem, it hasn’t got any easier.

Fighting the demons never gets easy, specially when they live inside your own head. They tell you to sleep some more, to laze around all day or to even put the alarm on a snoozing spree!

But each morning in those 5 years that I could shut the demons, step out & run, has been a happy & fulfilling one.

And this anniversary is worth celebrating, and to remind myself that I must never hang up my running shoes. 👟👟


P.S.: Super lucky to have my partner in life & on the run Ashish. (who I really had to pester to click this photo 😛)

And of course my other running buddies  🙂 “

Well done, my dear, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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