Sometimes numbers DO matter!

You know how people tell you not to worry about the numbers when you run?

All those exhortations to “just run, ignore the time, ignore the distance, just run for the love of it”…you know the kind of thing.

All very admirable.

But then you have a number like this, that just HAS to be celebrated.

Will ya just take a look at this?!


This is my friend Harminder’s unbelievable running total.

The man is a machine.

We both ran the very first #100daysofrunning challenge together in 2015, and after that Harminder HAS NOT STOPPED!!

He has run day in day out, even the day he became a father, and just look at this resulting, magnificent statistic.

Shabash x 10101 times my dear friend.

Can’t wait for your next sexy statistic – 11111km, for example?!

Seriously, Harminder, fab stuff & #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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