“Now go pull your partner’s leg”

“Now go pull your partner’s leg”

So said Coach at our ASICS Running Club training session yesterday.

He wasn’t joking, and he wasn’t making a joke either.

It was a drill involving one person bending and extending a leg, and the partner pulling said leg, to enforce the stretch.

By this time I was too tired (& borderline nauseous in the heat and humidity) to do the drill, so I half heartedly pulled Sonali’s leg. As one does.

I’m writing this post on Sunday, a full 24 hours after our strength training session and I am still aching. Feels like every muscle in my body is tired and suffering – which all goes to show how pathetically out of shape I am.

Coach drilled us hard yesterday, oblivious to our muttering about the humidity, which was brutal.

But through the exhaustion and the realisation of how unfit I am, it was all good fun.

No, really!

There’s something supremely satisfying about working yourself to exhaustion.

Or am I crazy?

The session was all about strength and flexibility, both of which I need, so the suffering was not in vain 😛

We Spiderman-crawled our way up a grassy slope:

We did exhausting drills using the walls & railings around the park, as support.

Narpat looking in super fit shape
Coach giving advice
Mudit looking every bit the athlete he is
(he’s also an ace photographer)
My partner in crime, who caught me goofing off, and after that forced me to do every drill in sync with her. Thanks a ton, champ 🙂

We ended the training by doing leg raises.

Over plants and trees.

With strict instructions from Coach not to damage any of them.

I thought I’d be smart and use my water bottle, but got caught in the act, and was despatched to exercise over a sharp, spiky palm…that’ll learn me!

Actually, it was more effective doing leg lefts over a plant, because obviously no-one wanted to damage them, so everyone worked much harder:

The weather was super humid, and by the time we did the post-session cool down and stretching on the grass, we were all pretty tired…well, I was, so I guess some of my team mates were, too, though most of them are a frighteningly fit bunch!

Despite the aches and pains today, a super session. Lots of learnings, one of them being (yet again) the power of team work. There is NO way in a million years that I’d drill and train like that alone…

Team work really does make the dream work 🙂


  1. An interesting take on the gruelling session yesterday!
    And yes, do em muscles ache and bones creak??!!
    Christine you are as fit as it gets. Don’t let the muggy weather get you believe anything else. Way to go!


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