What did you see on your run today? #393 comes from Brussels. And it’s very funny

My cyber-friendship with Myriam is one of the things that make blogging such fun.

I use the word cyber-friendship on purpose, since we have never met.

Myriam is a friend of a friend from my South African days. But through the wonders of technology, I now count Myriam as one of my friends. She’s a runner. a generous contributor to this blog and she’s damn funny with it!

Earlier his year, Myriam had shared the story of an urban trail run through the official buildings and public areas of Antwerp, where she lives – here’s the link & do please read her post – & I remember thinking at the time that it was such a fun concept.

And one, sadly, that will NEVER take off here.

In this VIP-obsessed city of Delhi, imagine the authorities opening up public buildings so we could all run through them…

So, since it’ll never happen here, let’s enjoy this urban trail run through the iconic monuments of Brussels.

Over to you, Myriam :

“The last weekend of June I’ve run an urban trail in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, with my daughter An and my husband Dirk, who walked the trail.
Like always it was a good plan to run and, it must be said, the organisation was perfect.

We had the wave at 9AM, so we took the train to Brussels at 7.30AM.

Too early for me. I’m not a morning runner.

In Brussels we collected a T-shirt and our labels; a drink to go and at 9AM after a few minutes of warming up, we started to run.

We did the Bozaar – it’s a concert hall.

We ran through the Federal Parliament (no one was working at the moment or any other moments… ),

(Editor: Myriam, naughty naughty 🙂 )

We ran through the station, the stock exchange building, the museum of “Manneke Pis – the symbol of Brussels”, and of course the town hall where I stood there for a moment to wave at the crowd below (like a real VIP).

A true VIP moment, my friend !!

And like always it was a good time. The weather was nice, the trail was more than OK, we had fun.

On the urban trails you can’t run the whole time : you have to take pictures, stairs up and down, avoiding tourists, etc.”

Now, how cool a concept is this urban trail running?

I would LOVE to do such a run through Delhi.

But in the meantime, thanks to Myriam, we can enjoy her VIP moments in her capital city’s iconic places.

Thanks my friend, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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