What did you see on your run today? #392 comes from Athens

The lovely Kathakoli Dasgupta shared her running story from a Greek island, here in the blog yesterday.

Today’s chapter of her wedding-anniversary-Greek-adventure comes from Athens where, in her own words:

“the Acropolis was boiling, it was bustling but I couldn’t let go of the opportunity.”

It does look very un-running-friendly, to be honest

Katha explains that “you can’t run up and down on the Acropolis slopes (it’s too slippery and dangerous) so I did the majority of my runs around the path below the ancient citadel.”

Stunning, Katha

Katha freely admits that she fell in love with Greece, and one of the things she loved were the ubiquitous olive trees:

“One off the many olive trees (can you see baby olives?) that dotted the landscape below.

Legend has it that the city adopted the name Athens to honour the goddess Athena, who gave the city its first olive tree.”

Katha adds that olive trees are everywhere in Greece, providing shade and respite from the heat as well as (& I quote!) “the best-est olives ever!!”

Dear happy Katha, thank you SO much for sharing some of your Greek adventures with us 🙂



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