What did you see on your run? #391 comes from a gorgeous Greek island

One of my dearest running friends, the lovely, UK-based Kathakoli Dasgupta, recently celebrated her wedding anniversary in Greece.

(Many congrats, by the way, you two love bugs 🙂 )

Katha shared some amazing photos of runs through the countryside on the pretty island of Kefalonia.

Here she is, in her own enthusiastic words:

“What I saw during my run today in Kefalonia – Petani beach overlooking the crystal clear blue-green Ionian sea from the road above.

Too gorgeous!

As I ran back up (it was hard work in the heat – I realised that I am now acclimatised to the weather in Blighty!) & went to the other side of the bay, I saw the rugged hills that dot the Kefalonia landscape.

Beehives everywhere, probably owing to the island’s unique biodiversity.

We had local honey with yogurt this morning – it was so fragrant and floral.

My nose was working as hard as my legs, trying to identify the scents of the herb that are wild along the path. Fennel, which features in a lot of the dishes we’ve tried here. was one of them.

Katha helpfully added that Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and that it is also where the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was filmed.

So now you know 🙂

Thanks, as ever, Katha for such a vivid picture of your morning run.

Sounds fabulous.



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