When running goes oh-so-right

I’m not talking about racing here.

But running.

As in regular running group session.

As in a hot (actually a very hot) mid-week morning training session.

And everything goes so, so right that you feel like a million dollars afterwards.

And the whole joy of running is happening, right there, for you!

Sorry, sorry, don’t mean to get too OTT, but a routine interval training session with my running group was exactly what was needed, to boost flagging confidence after a string of lacklustre training sessions of late.

For those of you who don’t run with me, I am quite possibly the slowest runner on Planet Earth.

So when we ran an average pace of 5:08…well, for me that is EPIC.

And some laps were much faster, she adds, showing off like crazy 😛

Hells yeah! I ran fast. For me.

Of course it was only over a distance of a few kilometres, but it was pure magic, I tell you, to be able to run fast and keep it up, with only one brief, nauseous moment in the final 100metres of the final lap.

Everything you read about running exhorts you to do it for yourself/not to compare yourself to others/it’s a personal journey etc etc etc.

So, let me reiterate: even though an average pace of 5:08 pace is nothing unusual for so many of you wonderfully talented and swift runners, for me it was A Big Deal.

I felt so ridiculously proud afterwards.

Nauseous. Sweaty. Red-faced. But oh-so-proud.


There’s always a but, right?

I could never in a million years done such a workout without my squad.

My team.

However much I enjoy solo runs in the forest, or running through the landmark-filled streets of New Delhi (where I live), the nitty gritty of training HAS to be done with my running group.

I just won’t do it alone. I know it.

No point hiding from the truth.

So the tough but satisfying intervals session could never have happened without my running mates.

Take a bow, team!

To round off a super session, I arm-twisted one of my mates, Mudit, into taking a few photos of me with the amaltas which are in stunning form at the moment.

They look so amazing, transforming the park into a blaze of yellow.

In my other blog – the non-running one – I have written about amaltas & posted a whole series of photos, ‘cos they are just SO stunning at the moment.

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  1. Christine, you really ran well( when don’t you) while we did the intervals last Tuesday.
    The energy of the group is something and can only be experienced to get the feel.
    The amaltas at the peripherey were truly beautiful in full bloom!
    Way to go!


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