Running for the sheer joy of it

Sometimes, amidst all the training for races, & running club meets, & practice sessions, you can lose sight of why you started running in the first place.

For pleasure.

For exercise.

To enjoy being outdoors.

Today, in the company of 4 lovely young women, I found my running mojo all over again.

And in super-duper weather, to boot.

For those of you who don’t know me, I live in New Delhi, India, where it is currently hot hot hot. But last night we had a massive storm and a torrential downpour, & so this morning was pure bliss.

I got up very early – 4.30 am – and it actually felt a tad chilly. Oh joy of joys!

When the 5 of us met up an hour later, it was still cool, the air was clean (a rarity in this polluted city) and as we ran, we had to dodge puddles. Oh joy of joys Mark II !

And so, this lovely Delhi morning, 5 of us from our Shed It Run met up and ran a slow ‘n easy ‘n chatty ‘n happy 15km.

By the way, you do all remember our Shed it Run, right?

To remind you, last August, a group of us ran in sports bras and crop tops and made the front page of the papers, no less.

Here’s the link.

Since one of the aims of the Shed It Run is to break down barriers, and shed inhibitions, this picture kinda sums it all up…

We run together occasionally, but we were a smaller group today, ‘cos at least 3 of the group are running a race in Bangalore tomorrow.

This morning’s 15k reminded me that slow chatty runs with friends is THE absolute best form of therapy.

We chatted non-stop, discussing everything under the sun.

And what a group these girls are!!

Ironman training for one.

A soon-to-be-published book for another.

A recent ad for Nike sports bras for the other 2.

I ran & listened & was dazzled by these competent, accomplished, articulate, funny, happy young women.

15k have probably never been as effortless as this morning (probably never as slow, either 😛 ) but with a zillion photos and stopping to chat to other runner friends, and enjoying India Gate and Raisina Hill…oh, it was all SO much fun.

Fun, fun, fun.

As you can see 🙂

Tanya, Nikita, Faizi & Mousumee – thanks for a brilliant morning, and for reminding me just how much FUN running can be 🙂

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