Why do you run? “It is a religion for me”

Today’s running Q & A is with Rajat Khurana, the MD of ASICS in India.

Rajat is a man on a mission.

And WHAT a mission!

He has decided to run 52 half marathons in 52 weeks…see what I mean about a man on a mission?!

You all know the formula of this Q&A by now, right?

5 quick questions, trying to get to the essence of what motivates a runner.

Read on.

Over to you, Rajat 🙂

Q Why do you run?

A I run because it sets my mind free. I am able to concentrate more and I feel more confident.

Moreover it is a religion for me now. Just as eating is for all of us, running is to me.

Q When did you start running?

A The journey started in 2011 with Bangalore 10 K  

Q Morning/evening runner?

A I am an early riser and hit the road by 5.30 almost every morning.

Q With or without music?

A Over the years my playlist is almost the same with mostly Waheguru Simrans connecting with God, and inspirational songs from Bollywood. .

Q Next running goal?

A Currently on a mission to complete 52 Half marathons in 52 weeks. 34 have been achieved successfully and another 18 weeks to go !  

52 half marathons in 52 weeks. That is crazy inspirational. The dedication required is something else. Super impressed.

And I love the definition of running as being as important as eating. So true, and yet one of the most difficult things to make non-runners understand.

Well done, Rajat & #keeprunning #keepinspiring.

And am giving you due warning that I will be back for a triumphant blog post in 18 weeks 😛

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