What did you see on your run today? #390 comes from Simla

Many of you know Harminder Singh, one of Delhi’s quiet, unassuming, super talented runners.

Harminder goes about his running life quietly, not making a hue-and-cry about it, BUT NEVER, EVER, EVER SKIPS A DAY’S RUN.

Yes, I was indeed cyber-shouting right now, and with just cause, because this insanely dedicated young man started the 100 days of running challenge 4 years ago AND HAS NOT STOPPED SINCE.

He is currently up to Day 1455 of daily running.

Just take that in, if you will. 1455 days of running.

Though it’s probably 1456 by now 😛

And every day he takes a photo.

Told you he was dedicated!

Anyway, Harminder was recently in Simla and shared this lovely cooling photo from his run up there:

Harminder, you have been a good friend to this blog over the years, sharing your daily run photos, and I am humbled by your stamina and guts and perserverance.

Thanks my friend, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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