When the workout totally works out

I went to my ASICS Running Club meet this oh-so-hot morning, & at the risk of boring the pants off everyone, it was a PERFECT workout.

As in totally, 100% perfect, and I am still basking in the glow of it, hours later.

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to get up at 4.45 am.

Not this morning 🙂

Hopped out of bed happy as a lark.

Sometimes, the thought of eating anything so early in the day is seriously off-putting.

Not this morning 🙂

Had a snack, drank loads of water, and I was on my way, all nicely fuelled.

Sometimes, the traffic is rubbish, and I end up arriving late.

Not this morning 🙂

Very little traffic, got every green night going, arrived bang on time.

Yeah, you’re right – this is getting WAY too enthusiastic!!

Anyway, you get the overall picture, right?

We did interval training, with a new trainer Bipin, and though I felt nauseous a couple of times, such was my mood this morning, that I actually took comfort in the nauseous feeling, as it indicated (I hope) that I was pushing myself physically.

I was in the second, slower-paced group, and we did 10x400m


The fastest group did an exhausting 5x800m, no joke in the brutal heat.

These 2 (below) were the super-speedsters!

Just once, on lap 8 of 10, I stopped, and cut short the loop, feeling a little sick.

But such was the mood this morning, that I pulled myself together, did an extra loop at the end, slow slow slow, but I did it.

So the final tally was 10 1/2 loops, and yes indeed, I felt pretty damned chuffed with myself.

Not the fastest intervals on the planet, far from it, (my average pace was 5:25), but the important thing is that I finished the workout and felt a million dollars afterwards.

Still do 🙂

Yikes! Such flabby legs!

And, of course, there is NO way I would have/could have done such a workout alone.

I am hopeless at this kind of training on my own, and totally need the group synergy and energy to push myself.

I’ll happily run long and slow alone – actively enjoy it – but for drills like intervals, without my group, I’m finished.

Sort of rainbow-colour-sorted…yeah, well, yes…sort of… 😛


Any workout makes you feel better, but when everything goes according to plan like this morning, then there is a glow & a happiness and a feeling of achievement that is second to none.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Abhay kohli

    Was actually a gruesome session of intervals and in the heat it became all the more tough but you were tougher than many others and did very well!! Massi you Rock!!

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