Get up. Lace up. Show up.

If ever there was a morning for pressing the snooze button and going back to sleep, it was this morning.

I was so knackered when the alarm went off at 4.45 for running group that I ignored it, and the next thing I knew it was 5.15 and I was already doomed to be late.

Which I was.

So…arrive late? Or go back to sleep?

Obviously, I went to meet my running group, half dead with exhaustion and it was the best decision of the day. As ever.

We exercised and drilled and trained, in the bright sunshine of Nehru Park, and we did some new things today. Like doing all the regular pre-session drills uphill for a change.

Like so!

WHAT a change working uphill made!

I was, as is so often the case, extremely humbled by the end of the session.

I know full well that I’m not the fittest woman on the planet, but I didn’t know until this morning that I was (a) too scared and (b) too weak to hang from a tree – like everyone else was doing, as though it were the simplest thing in the world.

So that’s something I’m going to have to practise in the privacy of the park, or on gym equipment…I mean, for crying out loud – not being able to hang from a tree branch?

How silly is that?

As I said, all very humbling.

All of which is to say that no matter how tired or unfit one feels, just remember the mantra – “Get up! Lace up! Show up!”

Because there is always, always, always something knew to learn. About exercise and fitness. And about yourself 🙂

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