What did you see on your run today? #389 comes from Shanghai

I”m slightly cheating in this post because I’m now back in New Delhi, where I live, but the Shanghai vibe is still very much alive & kicking, so bear with me!

I ran most days in Shanghai starting out from where we were staying in the Former French Concession, and discovering different local parks.

One day I ran along Fuxing Lu, where we’d stayed on our last visit, and ran around my old haunt, Fuxing Park, which was a big mistake.

Yes, you read that right.

A BIG mistake.

There was SO much going on in the Park, that the running immediately took second place to people-watching, and enjoying the amazing spectacle that is early morning Shanghai.

There were people playing the sax.

LOTS of people playing the sax, including one group of ageing hippies.

There was dancing.

LOTS of dancing – ballroom, line dancing, even a ballroom dancing class, complete with mic-ed up teachers for the men and another for the women, teaching them their respective steps, one group moving forward, the other backwards.

I got asked to dance by this fab fella (below) which totally made my morning 🙂 🙂

There were kites, and choirs, and tai chi and even a bunch of grannies with swords.

Oh, I can’t tell you how much fun it all was.

THE most brilliant people watching EVER 🙂

I spotted just 2 other people running – and one was another foreign woman – but our activity was positively dull in comparison with the crazy singing and dancing taking place all around us.

I stopped and people-watched.

I danced (as I said earlier).

I talked to a charming elderly man who told me that the park was, and I quote “an oasis of tranquility in the chaos of Shanghai”. Felt like telling him that if he hasn’t been to Delhi, he ain’t seen chaos, but it seemed churlish.

So I agreed with him, and also accepted his fanciful compliments on my excellent Chinese & the loveliness of my home country (Brexit-ruined England, forsooth) – and thought, “You old charmer, you! :P”

The funnest of runs in one of the coolest cities I know!

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