What did you see on your run today? #388 stars a city run & it’s hilarious!

One of the joys of cyber-living is that you get to connect with people from all over the world, sometimes without actually ever meeting them in person.

Like my Belgian friend Myriam Sleeckx who has contributed several fun posts for us here.

This morning, Myriam sent me an absolutely hilarious account of her Sunday run.

Here you go!

Last Sunday I run the urban trail run in Antwerp and again in the rain, typical Belgian weather.

The urban trail in Antwerp is a run through Antwerp and you go straight through buildings, houses.

(Note to self: how super cool is this as a concept?!)

I started in the wave of 10.40h and had the pleasure (I think)  to start with the mayor of Antwerp beside me. I didn’t had the courage to make a selfie. So, you have to take my word for it.😃

We started as first to run in Café Local, a popular disco, desert but full of music. A loud start.

Along the way to the next “building” people in the streets , shouting and cheering.

Our next stop was the University campus (and we did  a few), steps up and down, and students clapping, singing student songs.

We ran through the little streets in Antwerp, the smallest  “de Vlaaikensgang” with a road of real stones like in the Middle Ages.

Through the shopping “Stadsfeestzaal”, a very beautiful shopping mall, design shops, wine and champagne bar, down under in the parking garage Blauwtorentunnel, the Institute for tropical medicine.

I asked people to take a picture of me. Why not, hé?

The funniest part was that I lost my way in my own city. I ran behind a guy, no thinking, just running. Suddenly he stopped, turned and said : we are lost!

Really, we couldn’t find any other participant. We had to look for the trail on our mobiles, and google maps. After half an hour running in circles, we founded our track again.

How is that possible in a city where I grew up, went to high school, worked, and passed a lots of nights. Unbelievable !

I send you some photos.

The lady on the picture “we did it”, her mobile gave up, so we took the photo together, sent it to her by Messenger. Maybe we’ll meet again at another trail.

I had a wonderful Sunday.

Loved it.

Myriam, that sounds like such a fun run, and I LOVE the idea of a trail run literally through your city.

Sadly, I can never imagine it happening in Delhi, where I live…can’t see the authorities ever giving permission 🙁

So thanks for sharing your fun run!

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