Running differently

Even in something as wonderful as running, one gets into a repetitive habit.

Not out of boredom, far from it, but just a habit, basically.

Like always running the same route.

And always running in the same direction.

I do that.

I run in my local biodiversity park, and when I get to the fork in the road, I always head left and do my loops that way.

I know every incline and descent like the back of my hand.

I know where the peacocks gather in the summer.

I know where I’m most likely to see jackal.

It’s all delightfully familiar, and I look forward to certain views seen from certain points on the track.

Fast forward to a conversation with my Coach about a slight injury I have – here, listen to the short video I made last night while out running.

It explains our conversation, and what all this has to do with I call “running differently”:

So, yes, I did indeed run the other way round the park, as instructed, and I don’t know if I’m imagining things, but my hamstring definitely seems to hurt less…yeah, you’re probably right, I am imagining it!

Could the strain really have eased up after just one 6km run?

But I’m going to follow Coach’s advice going forward, and vary my route.

The views were indeed different.

The inclines and descents were different.

All in all, that has to be a good thing, right? Changing one’s perspective etc etc.

Anyway, even though I trust my Coach, I did go ahead and Google “hamstring…strain…runner”, and guess what?


So I read further, & this also made sense:

And then came the nub of the matter…

The message is loud & clear.

Gotta exercise around running, complementing it & not simply run, run, run – which is what I do.

I’ve been avoiding gym and strength training for years now, because they don’t really appeal, and actually all I want to do is to be outdoors & running, but this article + Coach’s advice pretty much indicates that I really do need to start exercising.

Run “differently”, in other words.

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  • Myriam

    Hey Christine, when I’m not running I take a yoga class. Normally I do a martial art but for some reason it’s not giving me the right feeling this year. And I’m doing this since 1999. I’m also taking another road when running. Meeting other people and seeing some other things. And that’s good. Greetings

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