What did you see on your run today? #387 stars a rainy zoo

Running brings you friends from all over their world, linked by our shared love of the sport, regardless of place or language or time zones.

Like my friend Myriam Sleeckx, a Belgian runner whom I haven’t actually met in person. We were cyber-introduced by a Belgian friend of mine who used to live in South Africa when I did, and now I count Myriam as a friend I’ve yet to meet 🙂

United by this love of running, we make friends across the globe 🙂

Myriam has just sent me this cute message:

“I’m running, and that’s a good thing.

Still 5 km every time but.. I’m doing it.

Last sunday, a raining day in Belgium, a day for staying in  bed, watching TV or some DVD from a long time ago.

My daughter An asked a month ago if I want to run a zoo-run. A run through a zoo in Olmen (a little town in Belgium), running past the wolves, the bears, some birds, the lions.

Why not?

Let’s do this.

So, in the dripping rain, cold and wet, we ran (I 5 km, An went for the 10 km).

We left Dirk, my husband in the bistro of the zoo, and started running.

It was amazing. It felt so good.  Afterwards, back home, a shower and  a Sunday nap.

“Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”  

Now isn’t that a great running story?!

As someone who also ran in the rain on Sunday, here in Delhi, I sympathise, my friend!

And PS – you 2 look like sisters 🙂

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