Fighting back against lookism

I am part of an all-women Delhi-based running group called the #sheditrun.

Our aim is to be able to run as we choose, in freedom and in safety, shedding our inhibitions and doubts about appearance, weight, age, clothing – just some of the issues that (especially) plague women.

The young women in my #sheditrun group are fearless, feisty and huge fun. Hey – you know what, I promise you, I didn’t deliberately choose these 3 words for effect. They just came naturally!

So yes, these women are marathoners, executives, mothers, entrepreneurs. We range in age from 20s to me, the oldest at 65.

It was with these gutsy women in mind, that I reached out a few days ago, to someone whose post I saw on Instagram.

Let me share with you the interaction I had with a young American woman called Jenn Wilson, but known as @jenne15 on Insta.

10 days ago, I saw this photo on Jenn’s feed:

THEN I read her post.

Who on earth has the right to insult anyone?

This is lookism at its worst.

Evil body-shaming.

This is one dedicated young woman, running and exercising and taking control of her life and it is NO ONE ELSE’s business. I suppose you could say it’s none of my business, either, but I was so incensed on Jenn’s behalf that I contacted her and asked her permission to write this blog post. She immediately agreed.

Jenn, keep on ignoring the terrible, cruel people who try and pull you down.

Know that you have a fan here in India, and if you lived here, you would IMMEDIATELY be part of our #sheditrun group.

More power to you, my girl 🙂

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