What did you see on your run today? #385 comes from sunny Spain

My Belgian cyber-friend Myriam kicks off 2019 for us with a happy, sunny photo from Spain. Seeing this, sitting shivering here in Delhi, also means that I start 2019 feeling envious, which is not good, I know 😛

This is what Myriam has to say:

“First run in 2019. we are in Spain for the holidays. Blue sky and sunshine. Love it.”

And she continues:

“Here is another idea for your blog : what are you thinking about while running? A penny for your thoughts. I was thinking about home. My son was celebrating New Year with friends at home, so I was wondering who’s cleaning the house?!”

Myriam, that is SUCH a good idea! I will launch a new section here called “A penny for your running thoughts” 🙂 Thanks SO much 🙂

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