When running is super fun. Really!

It’s Saturday night, which means I have to turn in early to get enough sleep before tomorrow’s LSD (long slow distance)…#runnersproblems, I know, I know 😛

But I must share with you a quick update and lots of fun photos from our brilliant training session this morning.

Our ASICS Running Club coach, Vijay Shukla, has started introducing different elements into our training and thus far it’s great fun, and also a great learning.

For someone like me, who never did track and field at school, there is something super exciting about working in a team, drilling, practising, and then actually running our first “proper” relay race.  Coach made us practice the baton hand-over and to give us all credit, no-one dropped it once, so GO US!

Today we ran our relay on grass, but I have secret dreams of Coach letting us run on a proper track, in lanes, and then see how we fare!

I’m sure for many of my friends, today’s relay and the many agility drills we did, were a throwback to school days, but for me it was all new and super fun.

We did more of the parachute drills that we’d done last Saturday, and with 4 parachutes, we were quite an impressive sight, as we sprinted up and down.

I didn’t put my GPS on, after the warm up run, but I’m sure we covered a decent enough distance, between the relay and the drills, but it was all such fun and so varied, that the whole training session was over way too soon.

Here, let me try and share some of the vibe from this morning via the photos taken by 2 of our members, Sunil Punshi and Ujjwal Gomber.


Let me end with The Photo from today’s session.

Coach, showing how it’s done…

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