“Just run, have fun”. A great running mantra

One of several runners in my ASICS Running Club who ran their first half marathons last weekend, Mudit Chawla has a lovely and very unique source of inspiration – his gorgeous little daughter, Saisha
This wee little muppet came to one of our training sessions a few weeks ago, and stole the show 🙂
Here she is running her own race a couple of weeks ago, and please don’t miss the relative size of the water bottle to her!
It looks to be about 20% of her size, bless her!
With Saisha as his inspirtaion, let Mudit tell you in his own words, his thoughts and reactions to his very first half marathon:
“Running has never been my cup of tea.. It was never on my mind. But after being blessed with a beautiful daughter, I always wanted to take up some kind of sports for her but was always confused. It was only when my 4 year old ran 100 mtrs in her school’s sports day and grabbed a silver, I decided to take up running..
I still remember the day when a dear friend of mine, Ujjawal Gomber introduced me to this running group “ASICS running club” and then there was no confusions and no looking back.
The credit for my first HM goes completely to my coach and mentor Vijay Shukla. My daughter inspired me and he turned running into my passion.
Since it was my first HM, I had a simple strategy – “Just run, Have fun and Enjoy the game” but Vijay Shukla sir made me believe “The harder the battle, The sweeter would be the Victory” and this is what I made my motto too while running 21 km. Unfortunately, I even had terrible ankle pain just 10 days before ADHM, which is constant till date but since it was my first HM, my team mates of ASICS running club (now my family) encouraged me to run and assured me that the pain I feel today will be the strength I will feel tomorrow.
That’s all I had in mind while running and thus could proudly finish my First ever HM – 21 kms in 02:28:34
A big shout out to my daughter for being my inspiration and my ASICS family for their motivation.”
Mudit, well done on both your first half, and also your gung-ho attitude, running despite aches and pains.
I love your sense of determination – “the pain I feel today will be the strength I will feel tomorrow.”
Like so!
This photo, below, was taken on Saturday at our agility session.
I shared it in the blog post I wrote about running with a parachute, but it’s such a smashing photo, I feel like sharing it again 🙂
And finally, here’s Mudit in action during the Airtel Delhi half Marathon:
Well done my friend.
#keeprunning and #keepinspiring

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  • Mudit

    Thank you Christine for such a beautiful and motivational write up. I really appreciate and respect your support to the complete ASICS running club. Thank you once again

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