And the pre-race nerves begin…

This time next week, fingers crossed, I should be safely tucked up in bed, race gear all laid out, ready for a super early start.

Next Sunday’s Airtel Delhi Half Marathon starts at 5 o’clock in the morning, which will mean reporting at 4.15 latest, which will mean leaving the house at 3.45, which will mean getting up at…

Pause while I hyperventilate.

I had this exact same conversation this morning with Vaibhav, one of my ASICS Running Club mates, and I think we ended up deciding we’d have to be in bed by 6pm 😛

Jeez Louise!

This fretting about the time I’ll have to get up pre-race, is all part and parcel of the countdown to an event, and in the 5 years since I entered this exciting world of running, I’ve learned that nerves are all part of the process.

So better to get them over and done with in advance.

Further proof, if it were required, that I’m in race countdown mode is that I tinkered with my playlist today.  Added a couple, moved a few around.  That kind of stuff.

And thus it will go on all week, as race day gets closer.

In our running club meet this morning, we did just one fast hill work out: 20 x at a fast pace, about 80% of our normal fast pace, according to Coach.  Between you and me, I was crushed when I was giving it my all (or so I thought) and was told by Coach to speed it up…ah well 😛

But it felt good to pit myself against a stronger runner like Saurabh, and sort of keep up with him (below):

Here’s our real speedster, who must’ve done 30 reps.  He just didn’t stop!

But other than this short and fast drill, we mostly worked on strength and stretching, and we did some different strength exercises, which were fun and challenging at the same time.  The idea is to taper, gradually, before race day.

The weather is beyond perfect in Delhi at the moment – borderline chilly at 5.50 when we started – and it feels invigorating, after the muggy summer humidity.

One of our members, Sushil Hooda, made a lovely video of this morning, which sums up our training, with a week to go before race day.  It also gives you an idea of the fabulous light, early in the morning.

Great memory of a good session:


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