What did you see on your run today? #381 stars competitive tractors!

The young woman who was my first contact in the world of running 5 years ago, Kathakoli Dasgupta, is now married and living in England.  Katha married a fellow runner, Dave, and if you haven’t already read their running love story, here you go – such a great story 🙂

Over the years, Katha has been a regular and generous contributor to this blog, but today we hand the reins over to hubby Dave.

Here, let him explain himself what he saw when he was out today:

“6 weeks ago I was knocked off my bike by a rogue driver. Hospitalised and unable to train. I had to change my mindset to not be frustrated by not running, cycling, having the same level of fitness as before the accident. One great way I’ve found is to walk in the country. Walking instead of running means you get to see things that you wouldn’t otherwise. On today’s walk-substitute-run I saw a tractor ploughing competition — never knew this existed and a great sight to lift me.”

Firstly, great that you’re back on your feet, Dave,  Get well, soon, my friend.

And yes, who knew there were tractor ploughing competitions?! 😛

And the weather looks smashing, by the way.

Thanks, Dave, and looking forward to seeing you back on your feet, literally and metaphorically.

PS –  these tractors were strutting their stuff in Willangham in Cambridgeshire.

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