So what’s YOUR excuse for not running, then?!

So what’s YOUR excuse for not running, then?!

We’ll have no more of the usual wimpish excuses like “I’m feeling tired…I have no energy…I have no time…”

No more excuses, people!

Just watch this video (below) from last weekend’s Pune marathon, and then tell me that you’re tired or demotivated or lacking in energy.

24 year old Javed Choudhari only has one leg, and he ran a half marathon and then he danced.

How utterly amazingly inspirational is this young man?

Read his story and then go on, head out to exercise 🙂


  1. My ‘excuse’ for not running – and it’s not an excuse but a medical fact: because I have only one knee ligament left in my right knee – consequence of a serious skiing accident – and so I simply cannot accelerate from a walking speed to a first running pace. Ever heard of that? Physically impossible. It does not, fortunately, prevent me from skiing or high-mountain hiking as long as I have my carbon brace on. But, since I never liked running or jogging anyway, it doesn’t bother me. I’d HATE not being able to ski or hike or snowshoe, though!


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