Are you a running nerd?

Confession time.

According to a Buzzfeed quiz I took, I am a total running nerd.

Like so:

So, in the spirit of true nerdiness, I’m going to share with you my latest discovery, from this morning’s session with my Delhi running group…

My discovery is that I really, really, REALLY enjoy unstructured fartlek.

Doubt it gets weirder than that 😛

As I’m sure you all know, fartlek training is “defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.”

In structured fartlek, you do (for example) 1 minute fast followed by 1 minute slow, or whatever combo you decide.

In the unstructured version that Coach Vijay made us do this morning, it was random.

We all started out fast – but our own version of fast – and when he blew the whistle, we changed to slow, and so on and so forth, in a pattern of uneven times.  Coach didn’t set a pace, nor a fixed time frame.  We ran on our own, according to the whistle.

What I liked about this morning’s session is that it was me fixing my fast and my slow, so I was totally running for and against myself.

No feelings of dismay at the superior speeds of my fellow runners, as happens in tempo runs, for example.

Today, I decided my level of fast, and ran my own drill.  Since I am naturally a slow runner, and habitually the last to finish drills, often I admit to feeling disappointed by my own lack of speed, compared to the others in my group.

But not in this training method.

I finished the fartlek session shattered, but not at all discouraged.

No one comes first or last in such a drill.

So you end the session totally elated 🙂


One last thing before I go.

Won’t you please share your level of nerdiness?

Post a comment (directly here in the blog, please and not via Facebook) and we can see just how nerdy we all are!!

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