Guest post #3: how was YOUR experience of the Ladakh Marathon?

Today’s Ladakh Marathon story is from a relatively new member of our ASICS Running Club, the irrepressible Anyuta Dhir.

We Q&A-ed with Anyuta a couple of weeks ago, and that blog post was every bit as exuberant as this one is 🙂

Anyuta’s telling of her experience of last Sunday’s race is SO typical of the lady in question – brimming with enthusiasm and happiness.  Such enthusiasm, in fact, that she ran more than she was supposed to, doing a 10k instead of a 7k!!

Love it!

And so, with no further ado, let’s hand the blog over to Ms Dhir:

9th September 2018 was an Extraordinary day for Ordinary Me…

I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON EVER, THAT TOO IN THE WORLD’S HIGHEST and amongst the toughest Terrains, The Ladakh Marathon. It claims to be the highest marathon in the world, held at a height of 11,500 to 17,618 feet.

While my team mates ran for 21Km and 42 KM, I had registered for a meagre 7KM ‘Run for fun’, being a new runner only about 5 months old into my new found passion. Although I had been training for it in my group with the most experienced runners, I had still found myself saying to one of my group mates just a few days before the run..a huff n puff…n tizzy dizzy…and I shall…and I will…walk or run…and I Will. With these words I wasn’t even sure if I would finish the 7 KM race in the first place…
As I started my 7km FUN RUN on the Race day, I felt the ease with which I could easily complete the 7KM, which I did eventually within a respectable 58 mins.

I saw the crowd taking a U TURN 3.5 KMs into the race track. That’s when I was reminded of a conversation which I had with an experienced runner from my group having taken me under his wing, with a promise to make me worthy of a half marathon.

I remembered him telling me, Anyuta if you see yourself run easy to reach your 7KM target…. GO ON to PUSH YOURSELF FURTHER , DO NOT FEAR…and that’s when I decided to run and complete a 10 KM on the 42 KM track as my run extended beyond the turning point of the 7KM track.

I also was energized by the following words, that I’d shared with the group in response to my associates thoughts on having an ill effect due to bad weather conditions if at all on the race day;

And also thought to myself….isn’t this also about LIFE on a day to day basis….

Life will bring obstacles and difficulties;
They do not come to stop you.
They come to strengthen you and help you progress with more experience.
Keep advancing as One day is not the same as another.
Have a wonderful RuN weather in RAIN or SUN…

With these thoughts I knew I had it in me and I PROUDLY COMPLETED a NEWLY SELF STYLED RACE CATEGORY of 10 KM. 🙂

Anyuta, my dear, congrats for such a good performance, at altitude and also for such a happy outlook.

But let me say one thing if I may.

You said earlier, and I quote – “I had registered for a meagre 7KM ‘Run for fun'”.  7km is not meagre, especially at altitude, and for a new runner like yourself.

Do not belittle your achievements.

My first run was a 6km run and I am still super proud of it 🙂

I use that very first 6km as my benchmark for current timings, and whenever I am 6km from the finish line of a race, I KNOW I can do it, because 6km is my lucky distance.

So, no more talk of “meagre”, please!

You ran brilliantly and we are all proud of you!

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