Guest post #2: How was YOUR experience of the Ladakh Marathon?

This time last week we hadn’t even run the Ladakh Marathon.
We were all carbo-loading like crazy and turning in early, the night before the big race!
Fast forward a week, and we’re all back home – be it Delhi for most of us, or London for my sister and brother-in-law after their first ever 7k!!
Life goes on, with back to work, and running group meetings and yet…and yet…the memories of last week linger on.
Cue this guest post from one of the stalwarts of my ASICS Running Club, Harvinder Singh, aka Harry.
“When I landed in Leh Ladakh-The land of high passes – my eyes were only on that 21.2 kms and what time I could get over, it but after seeing such picturesque sights such as crystal clear skies, Pangong to die for, Magnetic hill, rafting at Zanskar, snow at Changla pass, that 21kms went up to the heavens but when THE DAY arrived, I had no clue where I will end up (without any practice run here).
As I started my run, even before completing my 1st km I thought I would be dead and buried by the end.
My throat was bone dry and I was looking left, right and centre for some hydration.
But somehow I crawled to the first hydration point.
The other thing to watch out for was the U-turn which I kept looking for, which came after 13kms strangely.
I couldn’t speed up from 6.20 to 6.10 with controlled HR
Then at the climax came Mount Everest to climb… tried to have a go but had to settle for a walk
(Ed: Mount Everest is right, my friend.  That final slope was a killer!)
One huge thing I missed out on was my sleep… couldn’t sleep for more than 2hrs on an average for 5 days.
Even though I managed to got over the line with an average timing of 2.27 I had learned the hard fought lesson for the future.
Lessons learned :
#have 2-3 small distance runs prior to the big day
#grab enough sleep as much as you can
#have enough fuel in the tank so as to say
#carry ur own hydration from the beginning
#have some close friends whom you can rely on at ur bad times
#arrive at least a week prior to acclimatise
#But the most important lesson learnt is, as Coach says, ‘MIND OVER BODY’ and finally, a ‘NEVER SAY DIE’ attitude which my idiot friends have in abundance!!
And here is the man himself, looking in super good form!
Shabash, my friend!  Thank you for such a frank post, from the heart 🙂
#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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