Why do you run? “To be fit with a fun factor”

Today we are Q&A-ing with Rachna Agrawal, one of the talented young women in my ASICS Running Club.

Rachna, you see, is not only a consistently good runner, she is also a fabulous yogini, often leading our post-training stretching sessions.

Like so:

You remember the format of this Q & A by now?

5 simple questions, that’s all

So, let’s hear why Rachna runs, shall we?

Q. Why do you run?

A. Running over a period of time has become a major part of my life.  It started with a desire to be fit with a fun factor.  I’m a social freak and like to make friends.

Though I have been into yoga for quite sometime, the only factor that I didn’t find in it was the fun factor.  Being with friends and chatting with them at 5 o’clock in the morning – that kind of fun!

Q. When did you start running?

A. I started running about 3 years ago, when I ran alone, and just before events.  I really started formally 2 years ago.

Q. Morning/evening runner?

A. I’m strictly a morning runner.  (Actually, I have never run in the evening…)

Q. With/without music?

A. I initially started to run with music, but since I have joined the running group, I love the rhythmic sound of my friends’ feet matching with mine…their illogical but interesting chats…this fills me with energy & I start my days actually happy.

Q. Running goal?

A. I want to grow old with it, and register with my grandchildren for ADHM (Ed: the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon)

Now, how lovely are Rachna’s answers?

“...illogical but interesting chats...” and my absolute fave “ I want to grow old with it, and register with my grandchildren for ADHM.”  Rachna, those are such lovely words!

#keeprunning #keepinspiring 🙂

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