T-6 to India’s highest marathon

Gosh, what a day it’s been, the last day before the Ladakh Marathon tomorrow morning.

Woke up this morning to pouring rain and chilly weather.

All day, I’ve been swathed in 2 fleeces, and streaming away with a cold that has come out of nowhere. Sneezing, non-stop blowing my nose, 2 visits to the market to buy even more Kleenex – jeepers, not what one needs a few hours from the starter’s gun.

Writing this at 18.15, it’s chilly, but at least it’s stopped raining.  The only silver lining is that the surrounding peaks are now covered in a dusting of snow, and we even had a brief rainbow this evening.

Bib is pinned on my race T.

We’re going for an early carbo-loading pasta dinner, we being – oh yes!  You dont know the big news!

My sister Jane and brother-in-law Michael flew over from London to spend this week up here in Ladakh.  And, having never taken part in a race before, (they both claim they have never even run before) they have signed up for the 7k!

Super proud of them!

So, wish us luck, please.  All of us.

And wish us clement weather.

Ladakh, land of high passes, can you please keep your rain and snow and cold winds on hold for one more day at least…?

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