Why do you run? “I run for LOVE”

Today we are Q&A-ing with the vivacious Anyuta Dhir, a young woman in my ASICS Running Club, who made everyone smile on our WhatsApp chat yesterday.

With a jubilant post that started (& I quote) “MY FIRST MILESTONE”, Anyuta announced that she had just finished her first ever 13k run.

I’d actually passed her a couple of times yesterday morning while running in Nehru Park, but had no idea she was heading towards a milestone run.

Anyuta was so happy yesterday, that it seemed the perfect moment to ask her a few questions, so let’s see what she has to share with us:

Q Why do you run?
A I run for LOVE

Q When did you start running?
A In January 2018

Q Morning/evening runner?
A Anytime is good. Or when needed to be in my space of LOVE…mostly mornings though

Q With or without music?
A With music when alone. Without when not

Q Next running goal?

Editor’s note: what’s not to love about answers like these ? 🙂

I knew Anyuta had joined our running group recently, but had no idea she was such a newbie runner.

So shabash for getting to 13km in a matter of months!

#keeprunning #keepinspiring and, in your case, Anyuta, keep on being the #stylishrunner #runningdiva that you are.

This girl rocks up twice, thrice a week in different outfits.

Every time.

Colour coordinated.  Accessory coordinated. Shoelace coordinated.  Bandana coordinated.

I am in total awe.  Hey!  Just check the photo above, and see the attention to detail for yourself 😛

Oh yes.

Favourite music for running?

Anyuta shared both a Hindi track and an English one from her playlist, so today I’m profiling the Hindi track.  Here’s the link.

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