One step forward, two steps back…

One step forward, two steps back…

In reality, that is pretty much my running mantra these days.

All too late in life I am beginning to realise that a life of NOT going to the gym is coming back to haunt me.  Big time.

I might well have been fit and active all my life, with lots of walking and hiking and trekking, but did I do strength training ?  NO.

Did I work on my flexibility? NO.

Did I practise push ups and spider crawls? NO. NO. NO.

And this morning was a brutal reminder that running is not only about running.  It’s about all-round fitness and strength and flexibility and and and…

Can you hear a note of rising panic? 😛

Today, in our ASICS Running Club training session, we did a pretty tough workout before we tackled the main event, hill repeats.

Coach Vijay Shukla made us drill on a slope, thereby adding an extra level of difficulty to the workout.

Take, for example, the crunches (below), which we did against the slope of the hill.

Well, I say “we” did…let me re-phrase that.

Everyone else did crunches against the slope of the hill.

I sat like a beached whale, not even on the slope proper, and STILL unable to touch my toes 😛

As you can see (below), didn’t fare much better in the uphill duck-walking either.

But won’t you just look at those boys in the front, totally nailing it.

Pretending to be Spiderman (below)

So much to learn, so little time.

After this workout, which was fun – no, seriously, it was – we then did hill repeats.

The mountains of Ladakh beckon for quite a few of us in the group, but since we live in an uber-flat city like Delhi, the slopes of Nehru Park are as good as it gets.

We did 4 laps, each lap consisting of running up and down 5 “hills”. There and back.

So, with my dodgy maths, I make that 10 hills per lap. So 40 in total.

Here are the speedsters in our group crushing it.

This is all strong stuff for Delhi, but when I saw how much I huffed and puffed, I admit to wondering how on earth I’ll manage in Leh, which sits at 10,500ft.

Well, at least Leh won’t be humid.

We ended an exhausting but exhilarating session with stretching and yoga…sigh…

Once again – so much to learn, so little time.

A session like this is proof, yet again, that being part of a running group really helps.  There is no way I’d do a fraction of this, left to my own devices.

Final thought for the day 🙂

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