Why do you run? “To help the environment”

Why do you run? “To help the environment”

It’s been w-a-y too long since I Q & A-ed with my running mates, to get an insight into what makes them tick.

To kickstart a new series, there’s no better candidate for my quick Qs than Neeraj Rawat, a member of my ASICS Running Club and a terrifyingly fast runner. Watching him train is a masterclass in speed and focus.

Right, let’s see what Neeraj has to say, shall we?

Q Why do you run?
A To stay fit and help the environment

Q When did you start running?
A 2004 but actively since 2016

Q Morning/evening runner?
A Morning always

Q With or without music?
A Never with music as I want to enjoy nature’s bliss

Q Next running goal?
A Always be better than last time.  Current best is half in 1:37

(At this point, your editor faints with combined shock & awe & envy 😛  1:37, forsooth!)

Here’s the man himself in action:

Neeraj is also the birthday boy of our group this week as it happens, so happy birthday and happy running.

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