D-30 to the Ladakh Marathon

Today it’s the 9th August.
The Ladakh Marathon is on the 9th September.
So even a dodgy mathematician like me can do the sums.
There’s just one month to go.
That’s just 30 days.  But I checked the website all the same, to confirm my maths 😛

So, do I hear you ask, how did I mark this one-month-to-go day?

Did I do a lovely long 30k run, as planned?

Not one bit of it!

I marked the day by tripping and falling, and banging & scraping my left knee & right elbow, and tearing my running trousers, that’s how 🙁 🙁

Like so:


All a bit of a bore, really.

It’s hardly life threatening, but it is certainly gonna slow me down over the next few days and that is the LAST thing I need.

Anyway, after I’d picked myself up, I continued with my run, though I did make a concession to aching knee and disgustingly high humidity, and scaled back my ambitions from a 30k to a 20k.

Slowest 20k ever, as in ever, as in seriously ever, but I was determined not to give up, just because of this wretched stretch of pavement, below, that did me in:

I ask you, who designs these stupid pavements of ours with so many different levels and surfaces?

So yes, all in all, I marked D-30 in an original way.  Stupid, but original.

My biggest worry now is getting in the crucial LSD that will take my run over the 24k threshold.  Even though I know I can run 42km (because I’ve done it before) I still need to get in the mileage.

So, this weekend it is…

Last Sunday was supposed to be a major LSD.  Instead I took part in what may well be Delhi’s first ever sports bra run, the #shedit run.  Super fun.

So, watch this space, folks.  This weekend it is –  the breakthrough mileage weekend.  Just pray for better weather & not such horrid humidity – 93% today.

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