Reminding myself why I started running

Facebook has a neat feature where they remind you of what you said/did/posted on any given date in previous years.

Turns out, 2 years ago today, I shared this article, that I wrote for the Reader’s Digest, about my running journey.

After a pretty miserable running session this morning, where I battled all kinds of things, and felt very discouraged, it was good to revisit the reason how and why I started running.

So I’m sharing this article with you here.

Not too much has changed, in the 2 years since I wrote this.

99.9% of the time I love running.

Sadly this morning was the 1%, when I wonder if I’m being an old fool for trying to keep up with younger, fitter people.

People still make the occasional mean comment about running “at your age,” but either they are less frequent than before, or I’ve learned to ignore them.  Also, the nasty remarks are totally out-numbered by the kind & encouraging things people say – usually my lovely fellow runners.

So, yes.

2 years on.

2 years older.

Not much progress made on my running timings and achievements, if I’m being honest, but if the love is still there – which it is – then I’m cool with running “at my age.”


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