D-36 & an unexpected compliment

D-36 to the Ladakh Marathon.

Pause, please, while I hyperventilate and panic.

How ON EARTH did it get to D-36 so quickly?

And here am I, still faffing about, and not really in control of my marathon training.

I was at D-40 when last I updated my cyber-countdown.

That was Monday.  Now it’s Friday.  Yikes!

So on Monday, since Sunday’s run had gone pear-shaped, I ran 16km.

All well & good.

Except that it left me feeling completely knackered for our regular Tuesday ASICS Running Club meet.  My friend and running mentor Navi pointed out as much, asking me why I looked so below par, and taking me for task for not having a proper rest day.

Tuesday we did pyramid intervals, and despite slow speed & stupidly pausing my Garmin for 2 laps, my mileage for the morning was 5.24km.  And thus ended D-39.

Wednesday.  D-38.  Rest day.  Finally.

Had to give the old bones one day to recover, so I switched off the usual 4.30am alarm & took the day off.

It was also hubby’s birthday = party = late night = the next day, 4.30am alarm was also switched off, for the 2nd day in a row 😛

Yesterday, D-37, therefore, I went for an evening run.  Not usually a fan of evening runs, because in a city like Delhi there is more traffic in the evening as opposed to at dawn.  Plus, in the summer, it’s hotter.

But last night was more of a mental exercise.  It would’ve been way too easy not to head out, telling myself it was too hot & too humid (it was and it was) but boy, am I glad I went.

A reasonably-paced 10km, given the heat and humidity, and I felt invigorated.  And that was D-37.

Today, D-36, plans changed at 5.40 in the morning, when my usual partner in crime felt unwell, so instead of running in the Lodhi Gardens, I headed back to my local Aravalli Biodiversity Park, last seen a mere 10 hours earlier!

Beautiful morning, & not too humid.

More birds than you could shake a stick at.

Lovely sighting of a family of 3 jackals who crossed the track in front of me, with the juvenile taking a long time to stand and stare at the red-faced old lady puffing towards him.

Hilarious encounter with a man out power walking with whopping great wrist weights on, who told me his life story in less than 2 minutes, including age, retirement status, passport status and where he lives in London.

He was ever-so-slightly bragging about being 60, expecting compliments on how fit he looked.  But I didn’t rise to the bait, so he then did that oh-so-Indian thing and asked me outright how old I am.  Slightly taken aback at my reply – since I’m w-a-y older then him – he quickly recovered and said, “Madam, you don’t look a day over 45”.

Off I trotted, feeling very pleased with myself! 🙂

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