Meet Stormy, the dog who just ran a half marathon

Here you go.

My running story of the day 🙂

Here’s Stormy, an Australian stray who has just run the Pipeline Marathon in a very respectable 2 and a half hours and won a medal, having crossed though all the checkpoints.

I absolutely adore stories like this.  Well, who doesn’t?

Apparently Stormy sort of belongs to an Aboriginal community, rather than to an individual, but since no one has come to claim him after his half marathon, he is currently in a shelter, with lots of his fellow runners willing to adopt him.

He looks totally fabulous, despite those stumpy little legs:

Love the race organiser’s assessment of his running style:

‘I suppose he would be middle to back of the pack, but he wasn’t necessarily running in a straight line either.’ race organiser Grant Wholey said.

What a rockstar!

And here he is, being awarded his finisher’s medal 🙂

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