When your running schedule goes haywire

Well, here we are, then.

D-40 to the Ladakh Marathon, which we now know is not the world’s highest marathon, as I’d always thought, but certainly one of the highest in the world, and most definitely India’s highest marathon.

40 days and counting, and I still haven’t got the mileage under my belt.

Cue yesterday.

Sunday is traditionally the day for LSD (no, silly, not THAT LSD) – a Long Slow Distance run.

I decided I’d run alone, since my plan was to do a minimum of 27k, preferably 30k, since I am lagging behind in training + miles on the clock + time on feet.

Everything, really 😛

Oh my giddy aunt, what a disaster it all turned out to be.

Stomach shot, I felt clammy & unwell, so after 4 km or so, I abandoned all pretence of a long run, and headed home, to rest up & calm down.  Really needed to calm down, because, and I’m not proud of myself, I got super worked up about not doing a long run, and it really began to mess with my head.

I started panicking about lack of time/not enough Sundays/the traffic/the heat/the humidity & on and on it went.

Cue for hubby to start muttering about “this running of yours has become an obsession…run for pleasure…running is taking over your life…” (All that, by the way, is for another, subsequent blog post)

Anyway, after a few immature tears, I calmed down & made myself go out again in the evening, telling myself I’d do at least 20k.

Yesterday was SO not my day.

Super hot.

Super humid.

I was basically faffing around, feeling sluggish, so I just did 8km and called it a day.  Again.

Thus ended D-41, on a very nervous note.

Fretting about lack of mileage.

Fretting about finding the time to do a long run during the week, when there are other commitments.

Fret, fret, fret.

So I decided that instead of declaring today, Monday, my rest day – which it usually is, post the previous day’s LSD – I’d go run today as well.  Logic was that I hadn’t really ‘earned” a rest day.

Given the time + the traffic build up + the humidity + a meeting at home by 9.00, I could only manage a slow 16km.

But those 16km calmed me down.

I may not have done the mileage in one go, but between Sunday and Monday, I clocked up a little over 28km so I sort-of-kind-of did my LSD.

And my head is now sorted.

Which is more than half the battle.

Closing mileage for last week was 44.05, meaning it took me a week to run a marathon 🙁

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