Countdown to Ladakh, D-42 to 42k

I tell you what.

Maintaining this Ladakh marathon countdown diary is a great way to focus the mind, & also highlight how the days are rushing by.

I last chatted to you on Wednesday, and today is already Saturday.


Also, since the Ladakh Marathon website shows 42 days remaining, I have decided to align my own countdown with theirs. I think I included race day as well.  (Maths & logic were never my strong points :P).

Anyway, whatever, today is now D-42.

D-42 to a 42K event.

Life kinda got in the way of training on Thursday & Friday, meaning I didn’t do anything, other than a bit of stretching and some paltry push ups (more on them anon) and it poured down, and yadda yadda yadda.

So, by the time Friday evening came around, I felt distinctly cabin-fever-ish and since the rain had eased up, off I went for a solitary trot around my local biodiversity park.

I was feeling distinctly uneasy at the lack of miles put in this week, so a nice, slow 13km sorted me out.

I set off for the run in a bad mood, because of something that happened here (basically a bitchy comment from someone who has always been unpleasant, but still manages to get to me) but within a couple of minutes of running in the damp and lush green forest, I’d forgotten my bad mood.

Talk about running being the answer to every single problem.

I ran slowly, enjoying being on my own.  Much as I love running with my running group, and let’s be clear, I always run better with other people, sometimes it’s good to run alone.  Last night was one of those times.

I came back relaxed and refreshed and with harmony restored.

So that was D-43.

Which brings us to D-42.

This morning was our regular ASICS Running Club meet, & in 99% humidity we did hill reps in Nehru Park.  The strong runners managed 4 reps, but I caved in after 3.  Absolutely wiped out which, doesn’t bode too well for You Know What.

I kept telling myself that there won’t be any humidity up in Ladakh, which is true enough.

What there will be, on the other hand, is that little matter of 11,550 feet…

Anyway, let’s not dwell too much on vexing issues like high altitude racing, shall we? 😛


After our hill reps we did a killer work out – a combo of drills such as leg raises and planks and push ups and squats –  everything that I am so pathetic at.

Although I was pretty chuffed, I must admit, to be able to do all the series of push ups – feeble as they were – after never being able to before.

Here we are, smiling when it was all over!


So, as the week draws to a close, let’s have a look at the week’s mileage to date, shall we?

I won’t include walking, just running.

So far, I’ve covered 31.7km.

Even if I round it up to 32, I’m still technically only 3/4 of the way through my marathon…

Yet again, yikes!

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