Countdown to Ladakh. D-46

There are various types of run – not sure “type” is the correct technical word, but bear with me.

There are intervals, fartlek, hill repeats, tempo runs.  And, of course, the famous LSD – Long Slow Distance – which many people run on a Sunday.

With my running partner-in-crime Ripu Daman, we have invented yet another form/type, which we christened Long Solo Running Together.

This is a perfect combo for 2 runners of such varied abilities as young Ripu & I.  We start our long run together, chatting and catching up, then he goes ahead at his fast pace and I trot along at my slow pace, and he usually heads back to join me, and then we run together for a little while more, then off he shoots, and on I trot.  Nominally we have run together, but lots of the time we’ve been running separately.

All very companionable.

Today with Ripu, I invented another yet another form/type/style of running.

I call it Slow Solo Long Hill Repeats Together.  Catchy, huh?

We met in the hyper-muggy early morning, to run long hill repeats on one of the few roads in Delhi that has a long, sustained slope – Shankar Road.

I realised things were rapidly going pear-shaped when I naively thought that our warm up was an actual hill repeat.  Whoops 😛

From then on, Ripu would zoom ahead, & I’d trot slowly up the slope behind him, huffing and puffing away.  He’d be waiting for me at the end of the 400 metre stretch, and then we’d walk back down the slope together, and then off we’d go again, one zooming, the other SO not zooming.

Anyway, when you run with kind friends & they wait for you, then I guess technically we did half the session together.

All the down bits 😛

Shankar Road offers a good long slope, plus the road is wide (the pavement is dug up) but the traffic was pretty heavy by the time we finished.  Add in the traffic cops pulling over trucks and tempos and buses, and it was all happening.

Because I was so slow, I gave Ripu ample time to film me. Like so:

Gotta love slo-mo.  Makes any slow lumbering run look good!

Trying to see the positive in the poor air quality, I tell myself that it should all help in training our bodies to exist with less oxygen – like in Ladakh.  In just 46 days.  Yikes!

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