Delhi’s showpiece trail run

Bright and early this morning, we were hundred of Delhi & NCR runners, all heading to Sanjay Van, a lovely large forested area in south Delhi.

The occasion?

The 4th edition of the legendary DRG run – Delhi Runners Group – and it was as every bit as much fun as the other editions.  I’m super proud to have taken part in all 4 editions of this fun run in the forest.  It is always impeccably organised, all by volunteers, and just think about it:

No entry fee.

No chip.

No timing mat.

No medal.

Loads of water and snacks.

Definitely the best crewing at water stations ever.

Volunteer photographers.

Free breakfast afterwards.

And THE best certificates ever, drawn by the children of the DRG members.

Like so:

As I say every year – what’s not to love?

A certificate telling you that your finishing time is brilliant – total love 🙂

The atmosphere at this race, which consists of 7km loops through the forest, on a very up-and-down-y trail run, is one of great camaraderie.  Seemingly, just about everyone I know from the Delhi running world was there, so it was one long “hello, how are you, lots of love, sweaty hugs” – too good.

I did 2 loops, so 14km, and was happy with my time.  I deliberately didn’t take it too fast, because the weather was pretty darn brutal AND I’ve been slacking off lately, with all my travels and climbing.  The humidity was killer and the sun was fierce, but it didn’t rain.  Don’t mind running in the rain at all, it just plays havoc with my specs!

The aid stations were manned by the cheerful-est, smiling-est group of DRG members you could wish to meet, most of them runners themselves, greeting us all by name.

Lots of my ASICS running group were there, but I ran quite a bit on my own (not quite sure how that happened) and quite a bit with Abhay Kohli, a lovely, calm runner who kept telling me to slow down, given the weather conditions.

But in a run like today’s you are never actually on your own, since there are hundreds of running mates and friendly faces at every turn.  Brilliant atmosphere.

Once again, hats off to the lovely, happy runners of DRG.

They make the run appear effortless, though I’m sure it isn’t.  So much behind the scenes planning and co-ordination, and then the preparation of the trail, with chalk marks to guide us and – new this year – cute signs to warn us of upcoming hills or muddy patches.

Too good, I tell you.

The official photos are not yet out, so here are a couple taken by our very own ASICS running group’s Sunil Punshi.

The group photo, below, includes only a fraction of us.  But you can see that the default setting was smiles 🙂

(And sweat, if you really want to know :P)


  • Abhay kohli

    Christine it’s a pleasure always to run with you and hear your fabulous stories, thanks a lot for the company during the run. And by the way it was actually difficult to match your speed, that’s why I was telling you to slow down!!

  • Rahul

    Thanks Christine…it is this experience of runners and
    appreciation makes the hard work worth it….year after year….

  • Jitendra Tayde

    I gives me immense satisfaction to say that I too was member of DRG, while in delhi during 2015-16.
    Felt more than home so far as my love for and life as running is concerned.

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