“You look like a kangaroo when you jump”

Gee thanks, Coach.

And there was I thinking I was actually, you know, doing OK, jumping energetically up a hill in a Delhi park in what seemed to be 200% humidity.

But, as I’ve learned in these past few years of running, there is nothing more humbling than this sport 😛

Seriously, kangaroo-like jumping aside, this morning’s running and training session with my ASICS running group was amazing, and despite the crazy weather conditions, we all worked hard and – I think – everyone enjoyed the morning.

All through the 2 hours we were working out, I kept thinking, over and over again, thanks goodness I got up and came.

Because it’s tough to get up at 4.30, especially when you know you’re heading out into killer heat and even more killer humidity.

But our hill training today was proof that you always, always, always need to show up, regardless.

For people unfamiliar with Delhi, hill training is not easy in a city that is by and large flat.  What we call ‘hills” here are really not much at all, more like little bumps, so Coach makes us work hard with what we have.

Hence many of today’s drills were done up a slope, intensifying the work out.

We ran up the slope, we jumped up the slope – like so.

Love all the energy & determination happening below!

And we did a sort of spiderman-y crawl (though I think the technical term is spider crawl), also up the slope:

We lunged up the slope:


Then we tackled the “hills” of Nehru Park, which is actually a rather cool drill.

We ran up and down a series of 5 hillocks, there and back, 3 times, which may not sound much but was pretty darn exhausting.  The humidity was punishing, I tell you.

So why was all this so brilliant, do I hear you ask?

Not only was it really great to be running with my tribe again, the workout was challenging and invigorating.  Does that make any sense at all, when we were all exhausted by the heat and humidity?

Also, some dear friends who haven’t been to our sessions for quite a few months rocked up unexpectedly – that means you, Dr & Dr Gandhi 🙂 –  we had 2 birthdays to celebrate, so there was cake and yet more cake.

All in all, a morning super well spent.

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