What did you see on your run today? 2 very different processions!

Yesterday I had to apologise to the lovely Myriam in Belgium for taking so long to share her running photo of the day.

Today, I must apologise to the equally lovely Katha, one of my original Delhi running group, & now happily married and living in England.

Late last month Katha and hubby Dave – also a super fast runner – went to London and, as she always does, bless her, Katha sent me photos of what she saw.  The blame for the fact they are – ahem – nearly 2 weeks late appearing here – is entirely mine.

So, apologies tendered, let’s check out what Katha and Dave saw in the course of their run, which was, amazingly, 2 different kinds of processions on display.

They set out to go have a look at the Rath Yatra, which, as Katha explains “is something I have grown up participating in during summer vacations in Kolkata.  And en route, we got to see the Changing of the Guard.”

So, in chronological sequence, here are the Guards – sort of visible behind a forest of mobile phones 😛

Katha later got to pull the Rath Yatra (“rath” is a chariot, by the way) and, in her own words, she says “I pulled the rath after probably about 28 years – the last time, Dad had taken me to the artisan’s alley in north Kolkata to a custom-made 3 tier rath.”

As she said in her message, regarding this photo below, “Here’s a happy me!”

The essence of cosmopolitan London was how Katha summed up her morning.

Thanks, as ever, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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