“Climb every mountain…”

For someone who has just returned from climbing a real live 6000m+ mountain in the Himalayas, I made a complete dog’s breakfast of our hill repeats at running group, this hot and humid morning.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post this week, I was pretty knackered on my return from climbing, and only mustered the courage to go meet my running group on Tuesday.  I didn’t drill with them that day, just trotted slowly round the park.

But day by day I have felt increasingly stronger and less exhausted, though dealing with the extreme heat (& pollution, boo hiss) has been a bit of a struggle.

Anyway, today I felt fully fit (or so I thought 😛 ) and so off I went to meet up with my tribe in Nehru Park.

Today was hill repeats which I actually rather enjoy, and since my next race is a marathon in Ladakh in September, at an altitude of 3500m, hill repeats seemed like a good idea.

Delhi is pretty flat, so finding “hills” is a bit of a challenge, but Nehru Park has a couple of “hills”.

Today we did 15 reps, and I thought I was going to die.

As in keel over.

Pass out.



It was really tough, and I struggled to complete the 15 repetitions, watching in awe as my fellow runners sprinted up & down, making it all look so easy.

I tried not to panic, or think of the hills in Leh, but could hardly avoid the fact that my form has suffered in the past month and that a lot of work lies ahead in the months before Leh.

So I finished my 15 reps, super slowly, but I did ’em.

Do the others look exhausted (below)?


Anyway, what’s done is done & all that jazz.
I have resumed training.

I’m feeling a whole lot stronger than a week ago.

And that can only be for the good, right?

Here we all are, still smiling despite the humidity – in fact, most of the lads stayed behind to play football.

Gotta love #mytribe

And here’s my new mantra 🙂

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