Running and drinking

(This post is NOT what you think.  No booze.  Just water!)

Now here’s the thing – I need to get back to hydration basics.

Or, actually, given my sloppy record in eating & drinking healthily, what I actually need to do is to re-think my diet totally.

Despite the terrible weather here in Delhi and the even more terrible pollution this morning (back to the same scary levels as last winter) I still decided to go out for a run.

Big mistake.

On so many levels.

1) I quickly realised that I’m still tired from my climbing trip, more tired than I realised.

2) I also quickly realised that ignoring the weather and the wise counsel of my running group not to head out this morning, was a stupid mistake.  Coughing and spluttering, murky dusty sky at 6am, dust swirling everywhere.  What did I not understand?

3) But it was when I started staggering across the track in my local park that I realised (finally 🙁 ) that all was not well.

Empty stomach + a coffee + water is clearly not what a body needs in this heat and 40% humidity.

It was quite alarming, tottering from side to side, so I stopped running, slowed down to a painfully slow walk, and made it back home, where I immediately drank coconut water & a glass of nimbu pani (sweet lime water with sugar & salt) to restore the electrolyte balance.

I then ate a banana.

Only then did I sit down to consult Dr. Google, and think some more about what happened out there this morning.

The only other time I remember staggering and wobbling like that was the first time I ran the wonderful (& upcoming 🙂 ) DRG half marathon in Sanjay Van, where I drank only water and was completely knocked sideways by the heat and humidity.

I instinctively dislike (&, yes, distrust) energy drinks.

Without mincing my words, the thought of sweet, orange-y flavoured drinks when I’m exercising makes me want to puke.

I remember inadvertently having a glucose energy drink on summit night, the second time I climbed Kilimanjaro, and promptly vomiting it all up.

I also remember foolishly having a sip of whatever was on offer at an aid station at about the 14/15km stage during my first ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) and – yet again – vomiting.

Nevertheless, I have in my kitchen 2 opened and unfinished boxes of Glucon D, which I try and take in the lead up to marathons, and then promptly forget about afterwards.

I’d better check their expiry dates and then see about incorporating them in my summer drinks menu.  Should I?

Or is Enerzal better?

Your thoughts, friends.  Please.

I find it difficult to eat first thing so early in the morning, but I suppose a banana is better than heading out an empty stomach, right?

Amy other tips for easy-to-digest food I could eat at about 4.30/5.00 in the morning before setting out to run?

Still so much to learn…

Here are a few thoughts about hydration that Dr. Google came up with, which are worth sharing, I think.

At just 2% dehydration, “athletes lose the ability to operate at full mental capacity.”  Yikes.

And here is a simple explanation of why we all need electrolytes:

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and I really would welcome all feedback/advice/suggestions.  I have a marathon to prepare for and less than 3 months of hot & humid weather in which to do so, so I really do have to sort out a proper hydration and energy régime.

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