When you are too exhausted to run

In this almost-5 years since I started running, I can categorically state that this is THE most exhausted I have ever, ever felt.

Too exhausted to head out for even a slow trot around the block.

Just w-a-y too tired.

I have a sort-of excuse, having got back late Wednesday night from an arduous climbing trip in the Himalayas, but all the same…

3 days on, after lolling around not doing really very much at all, I was all geared up to go for an easy, short run this morning.  We had a massive storm last night, so that was even further encouragement, as it would’ve been cooler than usual, but alas, ‘twas not meant to be.

Could hardly drag myself out of bed, too tired to move.

And to add insult to injury, I have a major marathon on the horizon, in less than 3 months.

Well, it was 3 months to the day, yesterday, but all the same, a certain deadline has passed and I’m still flopping on the sofa, too knackered for speech.

I don’t want to have to admit that age is playing any part in this exhaustion game, but I suppose, realistically, it is.

Which is super depressing.

I’ve consulted Dr. Google about the after-effects of Diamox, and the after-effects of a climbing trip, but haven’t really got anywhere, to be honest.  So this is clearly a case of listening to my body and using common sense.

Definitely need to hydrate more, as my calf muscles keep cramping at night.

Clearly need to rest even more.

Probably need to eat more.  And more sensibly.

And, most important of all, I know I mustn’t stress about the upcoming Ladakh Marathon in early September.  My so-called preparation and training for this event have gone for a toss, that’s for sure.  But I suppose, in the bigger scheme of things, a week of post-climb not running isn’t going to be the deciding factor.  Is it?

So, until further notice, a few more days of lolling around are clearly called for.  Right?

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