What did you see on your run today? #377 comes from the Lake District

Sitting here in sweltering Delhi, I’ve already forgotten the cold of the old home country, even though I was there just a couple of weeks ago.

So when my UK based girlfriend Kathakoli Dasgupta – the girl who set me off on my running journey – sent me photos from last weekend in the Lake District, I gazed at them in total envy.

Katha and Dave were in the Lake District for the Keswick half marathon, which Dave ran.

Much of the route for this run goes around Derwent water, so Katha ran around there and shared some of her beautiful photos.  Apparently it was, and I quote, “too misty for good photos”…sigh…

Just take a look at her photos:

That lovely cool mist…

Such beauty.

Thanks, as ever, Katha.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring


  • Thanks Christine! It was cool when I ran at 7 in the morning. Though to burst your bubble, it was boiling by mid morning at 25 degrees (of course, very pleasant by Delhi standards!). Lol!
    Dave was going to be sick during the race because of dehydration. Took him several hours and two bottles of lucozade to recover. He still managed to finish it in 1:45 on a very hilly course.

  • Race start video—the only shaded bit of the course.

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