Meet my new running squad

Here they are.

The gorgeous little girl in the red, grey & black sweater is Lakshmi & the beautiful, tall girl in blue is Pallavi.

They were sitting by the side of the road as I started the uphill slog back to Nagini village, a little after Deori, and after a fit of giggles, 3 of them started to run alongside me, and when I ran faster, they ran faster, and when I slowed down, so did they.

2 others materialised and by then we were chatting and were friends, so I challenged them to a race.

Stupid move, Christine.

Anyway, it’s all about taking part, right?

And last is better than DNF, right?

The 2 older girls practised their English on me, and at one point when young Lakshmi and I ran ahead, she took the time to invite me to a wedding that was happening in the village the next day.  And, since we were on the subject of weddings, had I had a big wedding?  And where was my husband? And where did I live? And, and and…what a chatty little doll she was.

When we ran through Sairopa village, a group of people sitting outside the village shop laughed and cheered us.  I was trailing an honourable last at that point, so I think there was a degree of sympathy 😛

And to think, before setting out on this run, I’d wondered whether to go or not.

Having already run in the morning, wasn’t a 2nd run a tad overkill?

Thank goodness I ignored myself and ran.

Would never have met my new running group otherwise.


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