What did you see on your run today?

I am back in one of my all-time favourite places in India, the beautiful Tirthan Valley, in Himachal Pradesh state.

I went for a slow trot along the valley this morning, feeling distinctly winded by the altitude, which isn’t that high, if the truth be told – just 1477 metres.

But whew! Felt very out of puff, so I ran super slowly, enjoying village life as it happened.  Which is, of course, one of the many joys of running in India.

I saw cows and goats, and dogs a’plenty.  2 dogs lazily tried chasing me, but it was all very half-hearted.

I was greeted by villagers going about their village-y life.

I made a poor wee little boy cry.  He saw me, was so shocked by what he saw, that he promptly fell over & burst into tears 😛

But most of all, I enjoyed village life at its peaceful best.

Like so:

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