Does running help combat jet lag ?

Of course it does.

Running helps combat almost everything, she adds in a muttered aside.

That statement is a bit simplistic, agreed, and way too enthusiastic, agreed, but in my unscientific opinion, it is 100% true.

Running (in the 4 wonderful years since I discovered it) has proved to be the answer to just about every ill.  Headaches, cabin fever, jet lag…the answer is, go for a run.

To be honest, it beats me why the whole world isn’t out there, running away their aches and pains.

But anyway, yes, back to the matter in hand.

Jet lag.

On Sunday, I flew back over night from London to New Delhi where I live.  Didn’t sleep on the plane, nor did I sleep the first night back, so when my alarm went at 5 am on Tuesday, I wanted to weep from chronic exhaustion and headaches and mosquito bites and feeling so miserable and tired and ill-tempered.

But instead of dozing – which is all I’d managed to do for 2 consecutive nights – I got up, laced up my running shoes and headed out to my local park.  And felt immediately 100% better.  Immediately.  I kid you not.

10 slow happy kilometres later, feeeling fit as a fiddle, I trotted into the house to find everyone else still fast asleep.

While the others slept, I’d seen more peacocks than you could shake a stick at.

I’d seen adolescent peacocks dancing and mock fighting, their little stumpy tail feathers making them look more like turkeys.

I’d said hello to all the park regulars.

I’d explained to the sweet lady selling tea and biscuits outside the park where I’d been & why she hadn’t seen me.

I’d plogged.

And I felt alert and energised.

So. Yes, running definitely combats my jet lag for sure.

Now let’s check out the science a little, shall we?

This article from Runner’s World has some interesting points, though clearly there is still more study needed on exactly why erxercise helps combat jet lag.

This is also a very interesting article.

Ans before you go, do please read the article in this link.  I found it while researching if/why running helps with jet lag, and not only is this a beautifully written ode to running through jet lag, it is also about running in Delhi. It’s good to know that I am not alone in feeling that running is the answer…


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